66 miles on a bike, head winds that would knock your thoughts over and fear that invokes the phantom vomit in your throat that hides and waits for those times when you are so scared you forget how to breath...

And strawberry fields, and best friend time, and hills and confidence building and crazy strong hamstrings.

When I commit to an activity 


But while I take on my new beast the bike, in preparation for the Aids Life Cycle ride this June my passion for the trail is steady. I do admit that on longer rides at many points when I am in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and I get a glimpse of a trail- my heart skips a beat and I quickly envision my feet on the trail and my body moving nothing but itself.

I am toying with the idea of signing up for my 4th ultra, I love the race director, I LOVED the crowd, the course built my confidence in navigation and endurance skills and running trails makes me turn into a careless 5 year old who loves getting super dirty and chasing butterflies and pointing at nature and talks to strangers.

I know I am running one in October, and I have a handful of races in the near future, but what's a girl to do? 

I'm going to have to decide sooner then later, for now, this kid is going to run the trails freely (and add some extra miles for LA Marathon in March) and ride like the wind on my sweet bike.

xOxO- Rad Runner

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Hey friends! You all know me as a run loving, goal having, cupcake eating unicorn chaser...

So for my next magical act in life, I thought it would be an amazing challenge and opportunity to help others by racing for a purpose! This time around it won't be on foot... It'll be on a bike.. I will be participating in the Aids Life Cycle, also known as the ALC ride, a 545 mile 7 day long bike ride from San Francisco alllll the way to Los Angeles, all the proceeds raised will go straight to the research and for better living and assistance to those living with Aids. 

I am trying to raise $3,300 total and would love any and all support, every cent counts, whether its that coffee at Starbucks, or a nice tax write off :) I appreciate it all. 

Please check out my link below to my page, to see a little bit more about the adventure, and to donate!

Find my page HERE

Know that I am still a run lover, I am just adding to the endurance love :)

xo- Rad Runner
#teamunicornmagicaldelight (Ya that's my riding team name...)

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Hey kiddies! I wanted to share a rad write up I got on the lululemon athletica Possibilities page on Face Book!

Check. IT. Out.
xOxO- Rad Runner

Meet us on Monday: project coordinator-turned-goal and run coacher. Meet the woman who ran 10 miles before your alarm went off this morning!

I am: Erica "Rad Runner", Key Leader & Community Lead at lululemon athletica Robertson - Hollywood, baby!

I found lululemon: After a solid 4 years as a Project Coordinator in an office setting I realized something major was missing... Balance, job love, and happiness were all fairy tales when it came to my carrier and my reality. I hit my "wall" and took a chance. I knew that taking off my collared button up and heels from 8-5 and slipping into luxtreme and running shoes from 9-3 was going to be a major change and undoubtedly a major chance, but I took that chance and never looked back! 2 years later I have made a solid home for myself among the LA Regional community as the run aficionado and events enthusiast with my rock star c-pod crew!

Day in the Life: Before you're even awake I'm laced up and hitting the trails here in Los Angeles. When rocking a closing shift, I start my day with no less then 10 miles on the trails. Opening mornings get me up and moving for 3-7 miles #worklifebalance

How I sweat: I run, all day everyday (well almost all day). From Ultra Marathons *anything over 26.2 to speedy 5K's are where I find my peace, my zen, my mind flat line. On occasion you can find me sweating bullets at Modo Yoga in LA to open up my oh so tight hips after my long runs on the trails!

One Goal to Share: I am a run coach hosting my first Trail Running clinic by January 31st 2014! Keep an eye LA Region for collateral!

I have a #dreamjob because: My day-to-day roll as a community connector, event supporter and goal coacher is why I am inspired to clock in and out every single day. Each day offers a realm of possibilities through others, areas of growth for myself and my surroundings and endless opportunities. I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be. #thisisonlythebeginning

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I'm sitting back tonight on November 7th 2013 ready to write a post on the races and happenings of October, as I thumb through the pictures on my phone I realize, not only did I run more races in 1 month then I ever have, but I also brought some visions to life, had a lot of fun, dressed up in multiple costumes and have a butt load to be thankful for... 

I have to start off by thanking a beautiful friend of mine who continuously encourages me to write about what I love, thank you J Cho, this one is for you.

October, a Post in Pictures:

It's sweater weather folks, to Rad Runner that means:

*Early Early Runs
*And an excuse to buy more jackets

With races nearly every weekend my better half rewarded me the best way he knew how:
Through GU (salted carmel )!! and a new Giro bike helmet in black with a sick pink detail #swoon

My Freaky 5k vision, became a reality!

With 50+ attendees I was so excited to bring together my community and reward them with a free 5k, all while connecting runners with runners, studios with athletes and friends with fun.

 The following week I had my plate full with a half marathon before work on a Friday and another half on Sunday.. The first was race was on the West side, Santa Monica's ocean breeze, a clear path and the simplest turnaround point from the nicest race director couple EVER... Thank you Rocket Racing Productions

The night before the Rock and Roll L.A. Half, I just haaaad to get dressed up with my chola to party in Hollywood... (And what a good runner I was, no alcohol that night only water!)

A half marathon the very next morning, this was my friend Rebecca's 1 year anniversary of her very first half marathon (since then she has ran 6 halfs and a full, what a damn rock star) 
*I've got to note the dude dressed in the squirrel costume holding nuts that yelled "Follow my nuts" for 13.1 miles... I laughed so hard I almost fell over.

I was fortunate enough to work a great gig.. Arcade Fire private concert at Capitol Records #hollywoodblvd baby! Amazing... They ROCK live.

And the cherry on top, a long walk down Santa Monica Blvd. on Halloween, one of the biggest block parties in the world in West Hollywood with my dude...

Pretty Pretty Princess Fairy People and my excited self!

Drum roll please, 

J dude and I!

I can't end the post with another picture, J dude is as good as it gets folks.

Oh November you better be ready for me, because I'm ready for you!

-XO Rad Runner

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It's been a total of exactly 1 week and a day since the ultra- I've been running, yoga posing and signing up for races like there is no tomorrow...

All while throwing a race of my own!
Check it out HERE

I work with a group of like minded healthy peeps, and clientele that fall along the same lines, so what better way then to show them love with one of my favorite things in the universe? RUNNING.. The community of West Hollywood 


( I mean We.Ho. does hold a strong place on the list of Biggest and Best Halloween Destinations for the ladies and gents that like to party)

So, I mixed the two!
 Run + Costume + Community = Freaky 5k! 
And its free! My intention to elongate the Halloween happenings in my city, all while encouraging healthy movement is what I was born to do, and this is only the beginning. 

In between the planning-
I ran a virtual half marathon last weekend (first time-yahoo) and I get a medal!

I signed up for the "weekday warrior" half marathon on the 25th


will be running the Rock and Roll Half on the 27th!

Oh ya, I still have to pick an COSTUME for my Freaky 5k- shoot me ideas, what have you worn for costume races? What have you seen? I am all ears ladies and gents!

xoXOxo - Rad Runner

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I survived!

Yet another obscenely warm ultra in the beautiful hills of El Moro in Newport Beach! 32 miles of sweat, snot and breathtaking views were all mine for 6 hours and 51 minutes.

The race was close to my parents home, so my amazing supporter of a dad woke up at 4:30am to drive me there and cheer! I am so grateful for the support and love from my friends and family, without them I would not be where I am today.

This annual October race is normally a little cooler weather wise, but the warm Santa Ana winds were in full affect the day before, while the winds were whirling, they also blew away all the beautiful clouds. This meant- at 7am *start time* there was not a single little cloud in the sky. There were still a couple of dust clouds by start time, but nothing my sunglasses couldn't handle, the sun was BLARING the minute we hit the trails, it was so beautiful it was literally blinding.

The tracks were wide and accommodating, by the time I reached the single track portion the heard of runners had definitely thinned out- I realized this time around that single tracks are my FAVORITE, I transform into a complete speed demon and zoom through the thinly placed path - I feed off of the lack of space and own every inch of that dirt.

This course was a challenging one with major inclines, and lots of them, but there were a number of downhills to make up time, and some friendly flat portions as you neared the ocean to the half way point, and a couple more straight aways as you made your way to the decent path to the finish line. Molly the race director put together a very runner friendly course - if you train on hills, trails and in appropriate weather you can own this race.

There were a number of mountain bikers on the path, but they stick to the wider fire roads and they were very consciouses of the runners- they were probably the nicest group of mountain bikers I have ever encountered.

The Aid stations were spaced out perfectly and were stocked with all the essentials, salt, sugar, hydration, ice and everything else a runner needed- Molly was amazing enough to provide bandannas full of ice at the turn around point for the runners who didn't bring one- AMAZING attention to detail!
I was lucky enough to see my ultra-marathon-mom Keira Henninger at mile 20, she made my day with her love support and cute face.

4.5 miles before the end I hit my wall- thankfully this is a rarity, but when it arises I hit it with everything I have... I slowed, started to tear, and realized how hard it was, I made a phone call, brushed away the tears in about two minutes, and realized I signed up for this.. I chose to run 32 miles, I chose to PAY for it, I chose to train, I chose to attend this amazing event. I am a runner, we challenge ourselves, believe in the impossible and continue to test our minds bodies and souls.

After I threw myself a soul embracing party I convinced myself that I had enough energy to run, and so I did, right to the finish- 2nd in my age group and shaved my trail 50k time by 51 minutes- AND I lived to tell about it, win/win situation folks.

Oh, last but not least... Amazing race swag, a cap, and slick tech top! 

My next stunt? 3 more half marathons during this spooky month of October and I am putting on a 5k! Lets get busy!

xOxO- Rad Runner

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With  a heart full of curiosity, legs full of passion, and a mind set on intention of spreading a wealth of health to the masses, I realized it was time to start writing again. Just like I said last time, there are no excuses.

I recently revisited Dean K.'s book "RUN!" during an epsom salt bath to soothe some well worked legs and read this line:

"There is a crazy, conflicted allure to long-distance running. It is at once magical and manic. Running has a way of possessing your soul, infiltrating your psyche, and quietly becoming your central life force. The difference between a jogger and a runner is that a jogger still has control of his life. We runners have lost it." -Dean Karnazes RUN!

There is something about being so lost in your passion that seems so natural, almost childlike, when your that focused, happy and blind to distraction you are your only limit. I am grateful to have found the innocence that lies deep within running.

xoXOxo- Yo' Hollywood L.A. Baby

*If your local stay tuned for a run event I am throwing on Oct. 23rd!

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